About Eurosat HD Receiver: Quality Chipset, High capacity RAM & Flash !!!

“Eurosat Company always committed to care the satellite lovers all over the world. We really wish to develop a stable and enrich Set-Top-Box with latest technology and services. We are always running with the latest innovation and developing new firmware to update our customer’s demands.”

Latest Firmware Added:

CCcam+PowerVu real Autoroll+Tandberg + Smooth IPTV + WebTV+Movie App+Many New Features !!

Hurry up!! Download Now!!  And install as the following ways:

  1. Plugin USB Pendrive
  2. Upgrade from USB
  3. Select “All Code”
  4. Select latest Firmware
  5. Start and enjoy new features

N.B: visit www.eurosthd.com website for latest news and firmware. Good Luck!!!!

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