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Multiplexer and Scrambler BWFCPC-7000


Based on FCPC collaborative computing platform, BWFCPC-7000 is a high-quality IP/ASI multiplexer and scrambler product. The product use 1U standard chassis, support

mixed transmission for program streams such as SD/HD MPEG2, H.264, AVS+, and Data, can make fault Channel isolation, namely when one SPTS input fails, the other

multiplexed Channel programs output normally.


Embedded high-performance collaborative computing module, BWFCPC-7000 can make real-time and high-quality multiplexing for multiple A/V signals.


BWFCPC-7000 support IP/ASI input and output, support single program output with max bit rate 50Mbps, support 22 ASI inputs, support GbE port, support TCP/IP protocols

such as UDP, RTP, HTTP, support max 64 Channels of TS multiplexing, scrambling and output, support web management, support multiple inputs multiplexing and output.

The product is easy to use, generally used in filed such as broadcasting, CDN, etc.



Product Application


• Support IP/ASI input and output

• Collaborative parallel technique with FPGA matrix as the core

• Support max 6 I/O cards to plug

• Support multiple programs of MPTS transcoding and output with CBR

• Support MPTS and SPTS input

• Support adaptive 188 or 204 byte package length

• Support multiple ASI/IP programs multiplexing and output

• Support any program of standby ASI/IP to play

• Support automatic and manual standby Switch

• Support PID following function, be consistent with original PID

• Support statistics and multiplexing

• Support automatic FEC for IP input signals

• Support PID remapping, PID priority setting

• Support CBR/VBR bit rate control mode

• Support extensible 1+1/N+1/N+M automatic hot redundancy

• Keeping set parameter when power o

• Support LCD display on the front panel

• Support remote web management to configure

• Support SNMP protocol to make centralized control

• Detail fault alarm record and query



Product Advantage


• Modulation design, support max 6 sub cards to plug

• Support more than 4 extensible RF decoded and descrambled signals input including DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DTMB

• Support more than 950 IP streams input and scrambling

• Support equipment N+M hot backup

• Support more than 64 Channels TS multiplexing and licensed scrambling, one multiplexing module support 32 Channels programs multiplexing

• Support web management, focused alarm display, configure and fault management